Soybean oil

Soybean oil, which is also used in food production, is regularly used as a feed additive in industrial animal husbandry. The use of soybean oil is extremely effective for two reasons at once: it contains a huge amount of useful substances and components for the harmonious development and growth of the animal, and the low price with high quality soybean oil makes its use economically feasible. Compound feed industrial enterprises for all types of animals use it as an energy source, it is especially suitable for feeding laying hens — the size, quality of eggs increases and productivity of birds increases.

In recent years, soybean oil has been regularly used for fattening meat breeds of cattle to increase the potential for their rapid growth. Soybean oil, being essentially a source of natural energy, contains about 3 times more energy than, for example, barley. The addition of 1 to 4% soybean oil to the feed composition leads to a significant increase in caloric content of the feed, an increase in the organoleptic attractiveness for eating by animals, and also to the binding of its dry components to a more or less uniform mass.

As an additive to feed, soybean oil is an excellent option, regardless of what kind of animals or poultry your farm grows. One of its most important qualities, if you do not take into account the high energy value and the quality of the plant material itself, is the binding of the dry components of the feed and the absence of spraying of its dry particles during transportation and long-term storage.

Wholesale of soybean oil with delivery at producer prices

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