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    Wholesale of grain crops

    In our company, you can wholesale buy grain with delivery in the CIS and abroad. We always have a wide range of products available in our warehouses. Export Grain offers profitable cooperation for large and small organizations, as well as individual enterprises and individuals involved in the breeding and sale of cattle and birds in large quantities.

    Grain purpose

    Grain is mainly used in agriculture for feeding animals. The product is suitable for birds in their original form and for livestock in the form of animal feed. Also, grain is often used to prepare boiled food for dogs, cats and other pets. Grain can also be used in the household for the preparation of flour products, cereals and food.

    Grain Properties

    The grain contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the full growth and development of animals. Under proper storage conditions, products can lie without loss of properties for more than ten years. Grain is the basis of any compound feed for farm animals, thanks to satiety, benefits and inexpensive price.

    However, any product, even as unpretentious as grain, can deteriorate under the influence of moisture, high temperatures and sunlight. Therefore, crops must be stored in a dark place, protected from wind and water. The room should be cool, excluding the possibility of bugs and parasites in the grain. If the product is contaminated, you will have to dispose of the entire batch.

    Benefits of working with Export Grain

    We cooperate with the largest agricultural producers offering an exceptional product. With us you can buy grain in bulk at flexible and competitive prices, without losing quality. We guarantee that all products meet the requirements of GOST and are ready to provide the necessary documentation and certificates for this.

    We do not sell spoiled grain, do not supply products with expired shelf life, and inadequate quality. For us, long-term cooperation with a client is important. Buyers with regular orders receive excellent discounts. But this is not all the benefits of working with Export Grain. We have the same way:

    • A wide range of cereals
    • Best price
    • Convenient payment and order systems
    • Fast delivery of batches of any volume
    • Discounts and promotions
    • Help in choosing products

    Terms of cooperation

    We work only with wholesale buyers. It doesn’t matter for us for what purposes you decided to buy grain in bulk, there is only one condition — volumes. At the same time, you do not have to buy cereals exclusively. The batch may include flour, meal and other products. Delivery terms are negotiated separately.

    We do not make our customers wait. We well understand the price of time and know how expensive it is now, so we ship the goods immediately after placing the order. In strictly established terms, the products will be with you, you just have to unload the bags and sign the documents.

    Working with us is profitable and safe. Many years of experience in trading in the industry allows us to find an approach to each client, satisfying his needs. We never impose our products, but only offer to pay attention to it, since we have one of the lowest prices in Kazakhstan and the development of a logistics network. Contact our specialists, ask your questions — we will be happy to help.

    Professionals work with you

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