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    Export Grain company is engaged in the wholesale of legumes in the CIS, as well as exporting abroad. We work without intermediaries, we offer deliveries in any volumes and a convenient form of payment.

    The value and prevalence of legumes

    Legumes are the largest crop of the flowering family, in which more than 20 thousand species are present. On our planet are represented by a wide variety of forms, from huge trees to small desert plants. This culture makes up more than 10% of species in the CIS. Among legumes there are also food plants of great value, which are widely used in the daily diet of humans. This and peas, lentils, beans, beans, chickpeas, soybeans, peanuts.

    These cultures spread to countries and continents from the Mediterranean, Western Asia, Peru, and Mexico. They were used in Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, pre-Columbian America, Persia. Possessing high nutritional value at low calorie content they claim to be the main product, saving some from hunger, others from obesity. Modern medicine highly appreciates the usefulness of this product, noting the therapeutic properties of legumes. This culture promotes health and carries the secret of longevity.

    The role of legumes in human life and industry

    Beans contain a lot of organic acids, fats (1.5-3%), starch (60-70%), vitamins (A, B, C and PP), as well as mineral salts (iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium). And in terms of protein content (22-25%), these plants can serve as a substitute for meat, and such plant protein is absorbed and digested much faster. Soybean seeds, up to 20% fat and up to 30% protein are especially high in calories.

    Legumes help cleanse the blood and lower cholesterol, protect the body from infections, and affect the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver and digestion. Beans are also useful in diabetes mellitus, as well as in disorders of the nervous and immune systems. It contains a lot of fiber and dietary fiber, which is very appreciated by followers of vegetarian diets.

    In cooking, it is used for making cereals, soups, sauces, coffee substitutes. For preservation, unripe seeds, green peas and beans are used. Soy and pea flour is used in the preparation of bread and flour confectionery, chocolate. Peanut seeds contain up to 60% oil and 40% protein.ржится до 60% масла и 40% белка.

    Legumes are also used as forage crops; these are clover and alfalfa. Seeds go to concentrated feed, vegetative organs to green feed, and hay to silage. Beans and bees are loved as the most melliferous plants. In modern production, legumes are used for the production of casein and plastics. In the textile industry, paint and varnish is used gum from legumes. In the tropics, legumes serve for the extraction of valuable wood, which has the color of pink, red, tight brown, and even black tones.но-коричневых, и даже черных тонов.

    All legumes tend to enrich the soil with nitrogen, increasing its fertility due to nitrogen-fixing bacteria living in the roots of these plants. They are used as precursors for other crops, leaving behind fertilized soil. Beans are fiery red, sweet peas, dohilis are used to decorate private houses.

    To wholesale legumes with delivery

    To purchase legumes in bulk, we recommend that you contact us at Export Grain. Over the years, we have found many partners and work closely with manufacturers, which allows us to guarantee the quality of the presented goods. All products are certified and comply with GOST.

    Pros of working with us

    • Possibility to complete prefabricated orders
    • Any supply volume
    • Favorable prices and the possibility of installment payments
    • First-class service
    • Top quality products

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