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    Cereals are most often not used as a single feed for animal fattening on an industrial scale. Most often, the percentage of cereals in the feed does not exceed 15-20%, depending on the type of plant material and the intended purpose of the feed. The main benefits from the use of various types of cereals in the feed are the following points:

    1. Cereals are an excellent natural source of complex carbohydrates and amino acids. Animals by eating all kinds of cereals get energy and vitality. Compound feeds with a high content in their composition of various cereals are given to animals that regularly experience high physical activity, as well as young animals during the period of active growth. Also, cereals are used for fattening after severe diseases of all kinds.
    2. The inclusion of cereals in the regular diet allows you to minimize the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases, intestinal inflammation and constipation.
    3. Eating cereals as part of a regular diet will speed up the breakdown of vegetable fats. Any cereal enriches the diet with useful substances and components, increases its organoleptic properties and attractiveness for better eatability. Often, cereals are introduced to replace a boring diet of vegetables or feed that has become habitual.
    4. Cereals contain a really huge amount of useful substances for the growth and development of animals. The composition of cereals includes fiber, useful for animals, vitamins, macro and microelements. Such substances are needed not only for rapid growth and fattening, but also to maintain normal functioning throughout the life of the animal.

    Naturally, the use of cereals as a complex feed additive is an excellent addition to complex feeds used in industrial animal husbandry. It is important at the same time to approach with maximum responsibility to the preparation of a balanced feed, so that the animal does not overeat or does not experience an excess of some trace elements with a lack of others.

    Wholesale deliveries of cereals from the manufacturer

    ExportGrain Group of Companies is ready to fulfill an order of any volume for the supply of high-quality fodder cereals for use in animal or poultry feeding. Our experts, after your appeal on the website or phone number listed on the Internet, will help you choose the optimal composition of the consolidated cargo from various plant materials, which we can deliver to any address in Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Also, we will immediately prepare all the necessary supporting documents, the availability of which will allow you not to worry about any problems arising along the route of the cargo.
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