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    A balanced and streamlined diet, which allows to improve the quality of growth and the main productive indicators of fed livestock, is one of the most important aspects of industrial livestock farming. The type and composition of the feed itself has a huge impact on the growth rate of all types of animals, the formation and mass of muscle tissue, internal organs, hormonal levels, the composition of adipose tissue, meat and milk. In recent years, the livestock industry has begun to be regularly used to create feed and formulate optimal diets for various vegetable oils. The main objective of such feed additives is to saturate the feed with various, including polyunsaturated fatty acids.

    Properties of Vegetable Oils

    Vegetable oils, regardless of the type of seeds from which they are obtained, are characterized by a high, but at the same time balanced percentage of useful fatty acids. They allow you to strike a balance between the usefulness and organoleptic properties of the feed. Light vegetable oils can be used both for adding to the diet mature animals in terms of age, and for fattening young animals in need of an increased degree of assimilation of nutrition. The introduction of vegetable oil into the diets of any kind of animal or poultry will reduce the incidence of all types of diseases, significantly strengthen immunity, increase the digestibility of the feed regardless of its composition, and also make the feed itself much more attractive for eating. The lipids and fatty acids Omega 3,6 and 9 contained in vegetable oil will improve metabolism and improve the quality of the skin, including the coat.

    Vegetable oils in bulk from the manufacturer

    ExportGrain group of companies has established direct cooperation with all large enterprises and private farms producing vegetable oils of all types and varieties. We have a number of competitive advantages, among which we can highlight:

    the possibility of fast delivery of goods with a full set of accompanying documentation throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other countries — the method and speed of delivery, as well as a convenient payment option for you (cash, bank transfer, postpay or prepayment), you can choose at the stage of cargo and paper clearance him;

    • the optimal ratio of the quality of the raw materials we supply and prices for it, due to direct cooperation of our group of companies with manufacturers of raw materials and various products from it;
    • transaction support by our manager, from the moment of order to the delivery of raw materials to the address you specified;
    • the ability to collect and complete a collective order of any degree of complexity — the price of the goods and delivery time will not increase from this;
    • We are confident in the quality of the vegetable oil we supply, regardless of its type and the raw materials from which it is made, 100%.

    In order to place an order, simply contact our duty manager by phone, which is indicated on our website or leave a request in the form on the main page of our service on the network. We will contact you and tell you about all the features of the supply and design of the selected cargo of vegetable raw materials.

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