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Oilseeds for sale in bulk

At Export Grain, you can buy oilseeds in small and large wholesale with delivery in the CIS and abroad. We always have a wide range of products available. We work closely with manufacturers, excluding intermediaries, which allows us to control the quality and all delivery conditions. We are ready to offer individual conditions to large organizations and regular customers.

The prevalence and purpose of oilseeds

More than 50 types of oilseeds are growing on our planet. Vegetable fat is extracted from them, or, in other words, oils are produced. Such oils are used by culinary experts all over the world, as well as in cosmetology and medicine. Each plant from this culture has its own characteristics and growing requirements. Plants, for example, from South America, will not be able to take root somewhere in Asia.

The most common oil crops are sunflower, corn, soybeans, flax, cotton, rape, olive, avocado, coconut, castor oil, oil palm, safflower, mustard, almonds, sesame seeds, cedar, saffron milkwort, cocoa, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds.

Application and properties of oils

In the CIS countries, sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, pumpkin, corn, flax, and hazelnuts are most in demand and common. Sunflower seeds contain up to 57% of oil, in soybean – 15-26% of oil, in flax – 30-50% of oil, in sesame – 48-62% of oil.

These oils go not only for food, but also for the preparation of canned and confectionery products, margarine. Such oils are rich in vitamins and are easily digested. In addition, vegetable oil is used in the paint and varnish industry, soap, textile, leather, perfumery and medicine. Castor oil does not freeze at low temperatures and is used in technology as a lubricating oil. Hemp and flax oil is used for the preparation of drying oil, varnish, paints.

Vegetable oils along with animal fats are of greater nutritional value. One weight measure of oil is equivalent to 2.3 units. sugar, 4 units. bread, 8 units. potatoes.

The role of oilseeds

The consumption of vegetable oil is increasing annually, and this is due to the fact that vegetable fats are more healthy. This is also reflected in the economic plan, because for the production of 1 ton of vegetable oil 1-1.5 hectares of arable land will be required, while for the production of 1 ton of butter, 10 hectares of land will be required, and that is provided that the cows are well milked.

Vegetable fats are esters of a trihydric alcohol – glycerol in combination with various fatty acids. Compared to proteins and carbohydrates, fats are less oxidized and have a higher calorie content: 1 g of oil corresponds to 9500 calories, while 1 g of protein is 4400-5500, and 1 g of carbohydrates is 4000-4200 calories. Which is very beneficial in the production of various animal feeds on an industrial scale. The quantity and quality of fat in the seeds and fruits of these crops is measured by the conditions of their cultivation, type and variety of the plant itself.

Partnership with Export Grain

We offer only quality products aimed at long-term partnerships. Regular customers receive additional benefits and participate in promotions. Products are certified and meet quality standards. Our company has a developed logistics network and is always looking for additional suppliers for the purchase of crops. If you are a manufacturer, contact us, we are sure that we can agree.

Benefits of working with us

  • High service
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  • Favorable prices
  • Fast deliveries in any volume
  • Convenient payment in cash and bank transfer
  • A wide selection of quality products

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