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Flour is one of the main food products obtained by grinding grains of various crops, mainly cereals. Most flour is produced from wheat, it is a necessary component in the manufacture of bread. In addition to what we are used to calling flour, there are also other products used for the preparation of animal feed. These include meat and bone and grass meal.

Meat and bone meal is widely used as a high protein animal feed. After all, it is easily digested, because it is prepared from the waste of the meat processing industry.

Herbal Flour Properties

Herbal flour is included in complex multicomponent feeds when the most important element, carotene, is not enough in the diet of animals or the poultry you breed. At the same time, for example, as a feed additive for birds, grass meal completely replaces expensive feeds with animal origin. In terms of vitamin A content, 1 kg of herbal flour fully corresponds to 1 kg of the most popular source of this component – fish oil. The proteins contained in grass meal contain a sufficient amount of easily digestible plant amino acids, which naturally are not found in fish oil.

Herbal flour is used by farmers in industrial animal husbandry when feeding and raising all types of farm animals and poultry. For fattening of young cattle, up to 20% of grass meal is included in the compound feed, for pigs – up to 5%, for dairy cows – up to 10-12%.

Herbal flour is a protein-rich and animal-friendly vitamin feed that can be used as a complex fortified supplement.

Wholesale of all types of flour at producer price

The ExportGrain group of companies will allow you to buy any amount of flour, both individually (depending on the feedstock), and as part of a groupage cargo of any volume. The established relationships allow us to guarantee the high quality of the delivered products and full compliance with the state standards established for its production. We have many advantages over the main competitors – we will tell only about the main ones:

  • An adequate ratio of price and quality of the flour you buy, regardless of the feedstock;
  • convenient methods and forms of payment for delivered goods – cash payment, non-cash payment of all types and forms, as well as post-payment for regular customers subject to the conclusion of an agreement;
  • a well-established system of tracking and tracking the status of the cargo at all stages of the route – a package of accompanying documents will allow you not to worry that problems along with regulatory authorities may arise along the route;
  • the possibility of completing a groupage of several items of flour we offer;
  • attentive managers who will help you choose the optimal set of raw materials, the delivery route throughout the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and, if necessary, by prior arrangement, to any foreign country by your chosen method.

In order to place an order, simply leave a request on our website or call the duty manager who will process your request and offer the best ways to resolve your questions regarding the purchase of flour for industrial livestock and other industries.

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