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    One of the most valuable products for inclusion in the composition of animal feed or feeding livestock exclusively is cake, which is obtained in the industrial production of any kind of vegetable oil. Due to the fact that the cake has the highest properties in terms of nutrition and feed characteristics, it has been widely used as a productive additive in almost all types of industrial feed used in animal husbandry. It turns out so nutritious and very useful, as well as financially profitable for the entrepreneur, the cake is obtained from various oilseed crops — rapeseed, sunflower, flax and others.

    The composition and benefits of vegetable meal

    In its composition, oilcake includes a large number of excellent and rapidly digestible vegetable protein, which contains whole amino acids essential for the rapid growth and development of the animal, as well as a sufficient amount of vegetable oil. It is important to understand that if you use vegetable oilcake in the compound feed, you should not add other types of vegetable oil to it — such an additive for animals will simply become harmful. Oilcake of high quality is used in the industrial manufacture of animal feed — it is important to know that there are certain restrictions on the percentage of oilcake included in the feed, as in large quantities it can have a negative impact on the quality of meat, milk, eggs and other useful products of animal husbandry and poultry farming . For example, if we consider feed for cows: when using milk for food or for selling milk, it is necessary to include no more than 3.5-4 kg of oilcake in the composition of the feed, and if it is planned to make butter from milk — no more than 2.5 kg. It is also important to know that some types of plant meal that are made from cruciferous plant seeds contain a considerable amount of substances that are toxic or harmful to animals. The way out of this situation is feeding the animals after thorough treatment with heat and moisture.

    Cake small and large wholesale

    The ExportGrain group of companies offers the purchase of small or large wholesale vegetable meal for use as one of the components of animal feed, as well as delivery with any kind of accompanying documents throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, and, if necessary, abroad. There are a number of significant advantages that distinguish us from the vast majority of competitors:

    • a large number of options and payment methods, among which there is definitely a suitable one for you;
    • the possibility of prompt delivery, even over long distances, in a convenient way for you;
    • deliveries, including combined cargo, consisting of any number of items and any volume of plant materials;
    • excellent ratio of the quality of plant materials and prices;
    • Strict quality control of the delivered products at all stages — from the beginning of the collection of goods to their delivery to the address you specify.

    To apply, you can use the contacts listed on our official website. Just leave a request — our manager will call you back and clarify everything you need to arrange and purchase any type of raw material, including vegetable meal.

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