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Red lentils are an extremely high-calorie and legume-filled species of nutrients that are great for cattle, pigs, and meat or egg breeds. A very satisfying bean plant culture, extremely rich in easily digestible plant fiber and proteins necessary for the growth and development of the animal’s body.

The prevalence of lentils and their dignity

Lentils, like other legumes, contain a huge amount of vegetable proteins useful for animals, which are quickly and easily absorbed by the animal’s body, regardless of its breed and age. At the same time, low fat content allows you not to experience a relatively quick and uncontrolled mass gain, in which, first of all, fat is formed in animals, and not meat. Also, the composition of red lentils includes a considerable amount of amino acids essential for the development of the body — lysine, arginine and leucine. A protein saturated with easily digestible amino acids easily dissolves in the gastrointestinal tract and goes to the normal development and growth of muscle mass and meat.

To appreciate the quality of red lentils as animal feed, you can simply list the macro- and micronutrients that make up this useful plant in the legume family — among them are magnesium, manganese, sodium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, as well as red lentils contains a large amount of iodine, copper and selenium, and among the useful vitamins it is especially possible to single out all the vitamins of groups B and C, which are vital for the normal growth and development of animals and poultry.

Lentils are very quickly prepared for eating and have an attractive smell and rich taste for animals, which makes it possible to feed them even fussy domesticated cattle or poultry without problems. In terms of digestibility and the content of easily digestible proteins, red lentils are superior to all cereal foods, as well as legumes such as peas, chickpeas, chinas or beans. The protein in lentil beans is almost 2 times greater than, for example, in wheat — of the total volume of protein is almost 25-27%. At the same time, the most important feature of red lentils is the fact that it does not accumulate radionuclides, nitrates and other toxic elements in its seeds, which has a beneficial effect on its quality and makes lentils a dietary friendly product.

Red lentils wholesale at producer prices

ExportGrain Group of Companies offers wholesale and purchase of red lentils, as well as other types of plant materials for use in animal husbandry. We can arrange fast delivery throughout the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, as well as, with prior approval, to any foreign country. At the same time, we will prepare a full package of permits and accompanying documentation so that there are no problems with controlling authorities along the entire freight route.

The main advantages of our company over competitors:

  • the ability to purchase small or large wholesale, as well as picking up prefabricated orders of any complexity — a convenient payment system will allow you to pay for goods in cash, bank transfer, as well as postpay if you have a contract for regular deliveries;
  • professional management and turnkey transaction support from the moment of your application to the delivery of goods to the destination;
  • low prices and excellent quality of supplied raw materials — we directly cooperate with the largest farms and are fully confident in our partners.

You can leave a request on the site or call the phone number indicated on it — we will quickly fill out a request and make prompt delivery to the address you specify.

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