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Livestock farming on an industrial scale in Russia is characterized by an imbalance between the number of animals and poultry raised and the quality of the feed used to feed them. The current situation in the field of industrial feed production often slides to the side of a significantly reduced amount of protein in the daily diet of livestock and poultry compared to the required norm. To obtain feeds that completely contain all the necessary substances for the growth and development of the organism of animals and birds, plants that are most adapted to standard growing conditions in the Russian Federation are often used. These include, in particular, any of the cultivated varieties of lupine. Especially in recent years, the role of lupine, which is included in the vast majority of combined feeds, has increased significantly, since it is lupine, together with soy, that can provide the need for highly digestible meat and dairy cattle in easily digestible vegetable proteins.

Properties and composition of lupine

Lupine is extremely unpretentious in terms of conditions of normal growth and practically does not require the industrial use of mineral fertilizers, also a distinctive feature of this crop is its high yield, which relates to both green fodder mass and grain with a high percentage of protein in the composition (17-20% in total volume of green plant mass and up to 45% of the volume fraction in grain). The cost of growing and industrial processing of lupine is extremely low, which can significantly save money on feed with its use.

The protein contained in lupine is distinguished by the content in its composition of a large number of essential amino acid compounds. Among all other leguminous crops, it is lupine that contains the minimum amount of proteolytics, due to which it is absorbed as much as possible in the digestive tract of animals and is rapidly digested with a high degree of digestibility. At the same time, in all parameters of biological value, lupine is on a par with such feeds as soy and even some feeds of animal origin, which at its low price can seriously save on purchases, and not on growth and animal health.

Sale of lupine large and small wholesale at producer prices

ExportGrain is ready to fulfill an application of any complexity and for any volume of supply of vegetable feed raw materials from lupine. We buy it only from large trusted suppliers, long-term cooperation with which guarantees excellent quality of raw materials and the best price for it. We are ready to accept payment in cash, bank transfer or postpaid method of payment, and the availability of delivery throughout the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, as well as other countries, coupled with the availability of the entire set of permits and accompanying documentation for each cargo, makes your cooperation with our group of companies convenient, simple, reliable and financially beneficial to you.

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