Rice flour

Rice flour can be used as a feed additive for use in animal feed as a part of which, for better assimilation by animals, various additives are also included to increase digestibility and soften the raw material itself. The composition of rice flour, in which green tea is used as an emollient, is approximately the following:

  • chelating agent — from 10 to 20% depending on the quality of processing;
  • hydrolyzing agent — from 5 to 18%;
  • dry husk of rice grains with a maximum moisture content of up to 15%;
  • other impurities and useful trace elements for inclusion in animal feed.

Whole or ground rice husk itself, which is the most important natural source for supplying animals with silicon dioxide, has an extremely low degree of digestibility. At the same time, indigestible or hardly digestible components are necessary in animal feeding, the presence of which has a beneficial effect on the overall digestion process. The most appropriate solution in the form of a feed additive from rice flour is a feed mixture for non-productive or farm animals, which has a high degree of solubility in water, and, accordingly, the availability of silicon dioxide for assimilation by the animal’s body. Such flour is obtained by mechanical and chemical processing of rice husks, therefore, such rice flour is relatively inexpensive and can be freely used on an industrial scale.

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