Soft wheat grades 1, 2, 3, 4 classes

Soft wheat wholesale

The company «Export Grain» offers to buy soft varieties with delivery in the CIS, if necessary, we can export grain around the world. Any supply volumes and reasonable price are possible due to close cooperation with manufacturers of Kazakhstan.

Terms of sales

  • In the presence of wheat of all varieties. Perhaps the sale of small, medium and large wholesale.
  • Upon implementation, pickup is possible.
  • Delivery times of large batches are discussed with the manager.
  • Delivery price depends on the region, urgency and method.
  • All questions can be found by phone or at company offices.

Wholesale wheat export

Turning to us, you will receive the best conditions for the purchase of wheat:

  • Superior product quality
  • Developed Logistic Network
  • Convenient payment method
  • Flexible discount system
  • First class service
  • Favorable prices
  • Work with professionals

Our company has more than seven years of agricultural products. We know exactly what the client wants.

Features of the choice of cereals

Wheat is a universal product. It is used as feed for birds and livestock, also suitable for the production of flour. Soft wheat is also good in the form of porridge and contains many nutrients. The unique vitamin and mineral complex makes this product indispensable.

The main customers are peasant farms and other farmers using wheat as animal feed. Many poultry farms buy grain from us for raising chickens. We also cooperate with bakeries and confectioneries, which themselves produce flour and bake.

If you need to buy wheat in bulk — contact us. We are absolutely confident in the quality of grain, since for many years we have been working closely with producers. Due to the lack of intermediaries, we are convinced of the quality standards and control the conformity of the goods declared.

Grain is always useful for household purposes. Higher-grade wheat meets GOST, which also guarantees a level of quality.

Good wheat is not so easy to buy. From the grain we offer, we get excellent flour for confectionery, good feed for poultry and animals, as well as seeds for sowing. Pure wheat grain has not undergone chemical treatment, therefore it has a wide range of applications without side effects and risk.

Services of Export Grain

Each client is waited by the following conditions:

  • The shortest delivery time, work without interruption and days off
  • Cash and non-cash payment
  • Price fixing and postpay options
  • Individual conditions for regular customers
  • If necessary, we complete the delivery
  • All products comply with GOST, the ability to find specifications for the needs of the buyer
  • For large wholesalers discounts

Professionals work with you

Коммерческий директор


Akhmetov Akhmet


phone:+77711695323 / whatsapp

Skype: ExportGrain_Akhmet



Ivanov Alexander


Phone:+77057564477 / whatsapp

Skype: ExportGrain_Alexandr

Офис менеджер


Stetsenko Irina


Phone:+77710816699 / whatsapp

Skype: ExportGrain_Darya



Zhevnedey Julia


Phone:+77710292110 / whatsapp

Skype: ExportGrain_Yuliya

Начальник коммерческого отдела


Kopeeva Zhanna


Phone:+77057564020 / whatsapp

Skype: ExportGrain_Zhanna

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