Oilseed cake

Rapeseed cake in bulk

Rapeseed cake is an essential component in the preparation of animal feed for cattle. Rapeseed and oilcake obtained from it are an excellent milk product. The high content of vegetable proteins significantly increases the fat content of the resulting milk, and the low content of vegetable fiber in the composition of this meal allows it to be perfectly combined with other types of feed to obtain excellent feed. A distinctive feature of high-quality rapeseed cake is that it contains a fairly large amount of high-quality vegetable oil. And it contains a significant percentage of oleic acid, which significantly improves the metabolism. Therefore, in the diet of cattle, you do not need to introduce additional vegetable oils.

The prevalence of rapeseed cake

The use of rapeseed meal as a component of combined feed for cattle leads to a significant improvement in milk — its fat content, protein composition and quality are seriously increasing.

ExportGrain Group is engaged in the purchase of rapeseed cake from trusted suppliers and the wholesale of this raw material. We are ready to sell any amount of rapeseed meal and deliver it promptly to any region of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and even abroad. You can get rapeseed cake from us in small or large wholesale, calculation is possible both in cash or by bank transfer.

The main advantages of working with our company:

  • high professionalism of our managers, ready to help and suggest
  • an adequate level of product prices and the possibility of regular supplies;
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  • the ability to complete prefabricated multi-component orders, as well as the sale of oilcake in small or large bulk;
  • Prompt delivery, with prior agreement, urgent delivery is possible.

Contact us to purchase high-quality rapeseed meal at a reasonable price. Ready to provide any volume of delivery in a short time and with all the necessary supporting documents. You can contact our manager on the site or call the contact number indicated on the page. Our experts are ready to help in resolving any issues related to the supply of rapeseed meal according to your application.

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