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Fodder soybean meal, which is one of the most valuable in terms of usefulness and composition of the feed additive in animal husbandry, appears after the process of extraction of oil from soybeans. It is extremely widely used as one of the most important additives in the composition of combined feeds or as an independent feed in combination with various additives. The oil extraction technology itself, during which the beans are subjected to short-term heating and extremely high pressure, allows the composition to be fully preserved in the amino acid aspect. After the beans are subjected to pressure, the intercellular septa are destroyed in the pulp, which allows the soybean meal to be perfectly absorbed when consumed.

The main advantages of soybean meal over similar products used for feeding livestock:

  • fully provides the animal with the necessary for its normal development and growth with linoleic acid — when using soybean meal in the compound feed, you can completely abandon other feed additives that increase the fat content of the feed;
  • unlike soybean meal, which is also popular as a feed or as one of the feed additives, it contains a little less raw vegetable protein, but almost 8 times more easily digestible and healthy vegetable oil;
  • fat-soluble vitamins are much better absorbed when served in the form of oilcake, which is digested much faster and better by animals;
  • the composition of soybean meal includes a large number of beneficial phosphatides, which seriously increases the value of feed and feed mixtures — phosphatides normalize the central nervous system and the digestibility of vegetable fats, proteins and proteins;
  • the presence of soybean meal in the feed significantly improves the organoleptic properties of the feed and its attractiveness to the animal in terms of taste;
  • with soybean meal in the composition, the food does not separate during prolonged storage and transportation.

Soybean meal is used in animal husbandry in the preparation of various feed mixtures and animal feed. Vegetable soy protein is perfectly absorbed by animals, and in terms of nutritional energy value it can compete even with animal proteins. In terms of energy composition, soybean meal is a leader among all other vegetable meal in terms of protein composition and the content of B vitamins. Soybean meal is used both for mass production of feed for cattle and small livestock, and for feeding animals on fur farms, as well as fisheries for feeding young stocks of valuable fish species, for example, trout.

First-class soybean meal from the manufacturer

ExportGrain Group of Companies offers high-quality vegetable raw materials directly from major manufacturers, many years of cooperation with which allows us to be 100% confident in the quality of the supplied raw materials. We are ready to sell small or large wholesale soybean meal as part of an individual delivery, or in a groupage cargo, which we are ready to deliver with a full package of accompanying documentation throughout the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other countries. Our competitive advantages:

  • the optimal ratio of the quality of supplied plant materials and prices due to direct cooperation with the largest farms;
  • Convenient payment options for the supplied raw materials — in cash, bank transfer, as well as other options by prior arrangement;
  • the presence of accompanying documents for the cargo — there will be no problems with it along the entire route.

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