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Export Grain company offers to buy high-quality sunflower in small and large wholesale at affordable prices, delivery is carried out in the CIS and abroad. All our products comply with the standards and requirements.

The use of sunflower seeds

Sunflower is an annual plant whose seeds are actively used in food in different species. This useful and beautiful plant settled around the world after the discovery of America, where it grew in the wild. There are many types of sunflower, including decorative, confectionery and oilseed. Already from the names themselves it is clear for what specific purposes it is necessary.

The highest demand is for oilseed sunflower, which produces seeds exclusively rich in healthy and tasty butter, and for confectionery, which has a pleasant sweetish taste. It is used for the preparation of sweets, in particular, challah, pastries and other bakery products, and also eat fried, of course — all known seeds.

Sunflower seeds are tasty and nutritious, have a good composition for BZHU, as well as minerals and vitamins. You can wholesale sunflower seeds in our company Export Grain.

Useful properties of sunflower seeds

It is hard to believe that this plant appeared in our country relatively recently, because it seems that this beautiful sunny flower has always adorned our fields. The huge popularity of sunflower is associated with its high taste and nutritional properties. The seeds themselves are gladly eaten by both humans and wild and domestic animals and birds, and sunflower oil is distinguished by its composition, memorable taste and the presence of such “usefulness” as polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are vital for human health. In addition, sunflower oil has the ability to lower the level of bad cholesterol, replacing it with «good», and also contains a wide range of various minerals and vitamins. Separately, it should be noted the wonderful taste of this product, which is good both for cooking and for dressing salads. Recently, organic sunflower oil has been actively used as part of natural cosmetics — it helps to cope with dry and brittle hair, rejuvenates and nourishes the skin and restores nails.

Benefits of working with Export Grain

Our company is one of the market leaders in the wholesale of agricultural products. We provide customers with a high level of service and a flexible system of payment for orders. Working without intermediaries, we can control prices and quality of goods, and regular customers can count on more favorable conditions.

Offering our goods to bakeries with various production capacities, bakeries, confectioneries and food-processing enterprises, we accept payment both in cash and in non-cash form. The company has offices in Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, and delivery is carried out not only in the CIS, but also abroad.

A wholesale purchase in our company is very profitable and will certainly be useful to your company, which will safely affect our partnerships, laying the foundation for a long-term fruitful cooperation. All our products comply with GOST and have certificates. You can always ask questions of interest to company managers by phone.

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