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In animal husbandry, a considerable part of the total cost of raising animals, regardless of breed and species, is the cost of various feeds. Recently, such oilseed crops as saffron rye, which due to its unpretentiousness when growing and harvesting, high content of various nutrients, as well as ease of storage without special costs for the arrangement of special storages, is one of the most popular agricultural crops, has been popular as feed. feed crops at a given time. It grows well with high yields on almost any type of soil, and also easily adapts to changing weather conditions for a short period of time, which now makes its cultivation relevant in modern conditions. Currently, various varieties of cultivated camelina are used in animal husbandry, as well as in other areas — from the manufacture of modern packaging materials to perfumes. The main cultivated areas of this plant are in various regions of Siberia and the Volga region.

Useful properties of the seed mushroom

The seeds of this oilseed crop contain up to 45% of vegetable fat, useful for feeding animals, regardless of age. The plant is also rich in useful fatty acids — it contains substances such as linolenic, stearic, erucic, palmitic acids and many other substances, without which the normal growth and development of the animal is simply impossible. The planted camelina is rich in vitamin E, the use of which by animals in food minimizes the possibility of growth and formation of cancerous tumors and malignant tumors. The presence of a large number of vitamins A and D, which play a huge role in the normal growth of the child’s body, allows and even gives an urgent need to add any type of sowing saffron milk to mixed feeds. Also, the plant contains a large number of micro- and macrocells necessary for animals and poultry — iodine, manganese, fluorine, calcium and potassium.

Sowing saffron at producer price

ExportGrain group of companies is engaged in small and large wholesale purchases, and sales of sowing saffron milk, using stable and long-term relations with the largest farms growing it. Our experts are ready to accept from you an application for the purchase of any volume of this plant material (both individually and as an integral element of a large supply) on the website or by phone, which is indicated on the main page of our portal in the global network.

The main competitive advantages of our company

  • professional managers and service workers — you can be sure that your “turnkey” cargo will be collected and delivered to any region of Russia, Kazakhstan or any other country with all the necessary documents guaranteeing that it will pass any control;
  • the optimal ratio of the quality of the proposed plant raw materials and their prices, due to direct supplies from the manufacturer and minimizing mediation at all stages of the transaction;
  • any payment method convenient for you — we accept cash, all forms of non-cash payment, including advance payment and postpay;
  • maximum prompt delivery in compliance with all storage standards of products during the route.

We are sure that we can carry out sales and delivery of any degree of complexity — just contact us, we will do the rest in the best possible way and at a low price!

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