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Various oilseeds are often used as feed for animals and poultry, the importance of which in the composition of combined feeds can hardly be overestimated. In addition to rapeseed and oil flax, which are often used and known in a wide range of livestock breeding, there is a little-known and extremely useful plant, like dyeing safflower. In many areas, especially in the central Chernozem region and the Volga region, the cultivation of dye safflower and its use in industrial livestock breeding safflower is used for the reasons that it is much more salt-tolerant, resistant to droughts and heat, and, accordingly, a much more reliable crop than usual for all of us sunflower.

The benefits and prevalence of safflower

The native land of safflower is Afghanistan and Ethiopia, and in ancient Egypt the flowers of this plant were used for ritual purposes. Mass sowing of safflower in Russia began around the middle of the 30s of the last century, but soon almost everywhere safflower was replaced by more productive varieties of sunflower. The plant does not belong to oil crops with high popularity, but more and more sown areas in our country are sown with this particular plant.

The usefulness of safflower is determined primarily by its significant resistance to drought and heat, characteristic of the steppe regions. Under the unstable weather conditions characteristic of recent years, it is the cultivation of safflower and its use as plant food for animals that can significantly reduce the shortage of oilseeds. For the cultivation of crops, the use of aggressive chemicals and fertilizers is not required, which also speaks in its favor when used as feed. In livestock farming it is extremely useful because of the high content in its composition of 33-40% of semi-drying vegetable oil (its content in the kernels can be up to 60% of the total mass). The composition of the oil includes a large number of vegetable fatty acids — linoleic, oleic, palmitic, stearic and linolenic acids, each of which is useful and important in its own way when animals eat. How fodder crop is eaten by animals as part of mixed feeds or in pure form. Excellent eaten green mass without thorns, which has an attractive taste for animals. In cake made from seed residues after processing and squeezing oil out of them, a large amount of useful substances is contained — from 5 to 8% of oil, about 23-25% of starch and up to 20% of vegetable protein. Despite the fact that the cake is rather bitter to taste, the animals quickly get used to it and eat well.

Wholesale supply of safflower at producer prices

ExportGrain Group of Companies is ready to provide for the purchase and sale of large or small wholesale safflower, which we purchase only at large farms with which we have been cooperating for a long time and are confident that they provide exceptionally high-quality plant raw materials at the best price. After you contact us on the website or by phone indicated on our main page, professional managers of our company will help you choose the optimal composition for your combined delivery or delivery of only safflower throughout the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan or any other country. For the delivered cargo, all necessary permissive and accompanying documentation will be provided, allowing you not to worry about the cargo along the entire route, as well as to be sure of its quality. We accept any type of payment — non-cash, cash or post-payment in case of concluding an agreement on regular deliveries of plant materials.

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