Mustard yellow (Sarepta)

Yellow mustard is an annual plant often used in industrial feed production. Cultivated as a forage crop. Plants before flowering are harmless to animals and have a huge amount of nutrients that, when consumed by animals, improve the quality of meat and milk, and in birds increase egg production and egg shell quality. But after the beginning of flowering, the green mass becomes dangerous for animals and can not be eaten by them before preliminary heat treatment.

Application and properties of yellow mustard

Mustard cake obtained after squeezing the oil is also pre-treated with heat to exclude the possibility of exposure to toxic substances on the health of the animal. After heat treatment, only useful substances remain in the feed composition, and their digestibility is significantly increased.

Yellow mustard wholesale at producer prices

ExportGrain Group of Companies is engaged in wholesale purchases and sales of yellow mustard and any other types of plant material used in industrial livestock as separate feeds or in the preparation of combined diets, taking into account the needs of specific types of animals or poultry bred by you. After preparing your application in a convenient feedback form on the website or by calling the phone number listed on the main page, the specialists of our service will help you choose the right amount of plant components, when choosing several types of feed, it will immediately be combined into a single load and sent in a convenient way for you throughout the Russian Federation , Kazakhstan or even to any other foreign country.

Advantages of our service:

  • An excellent ratio of the quality of plant raw materials and the prices for them — direct cooperation with manufacturers give us complete confidence that we are able to fulfill any order in the shortest time;
  • various purchase options — from small to large wholesale, which you can pay in cash, non-cash and even post-pay, and a flexible system of discounts for regular customers will allow you to conclude agreements with us on an ongoing basis;
  • using for loading and packaging modern European equipment that minimizes the time it takes to ship your order and deliver it to any region of the country or abroad;
  • the possibility of organizing a combined supply consisting of several items of goods offered for sale by our group of companies;
  • the presence of the function of cooperation on an ongoing basis, regular deliveries of yellow mustard and other goods from our assortment within the terms agreed upon under our contract.

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