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Coriander, often used as a feed additive in the preparation of combined feed for industrial livestock, is one of the main cultivated in the countries with moderate climatic conditions, essential oil type. Coriander fruits contain a huge amount of fatty (from 15 to 29% of the total volume) and essential (1.3-2.2%) high-quality oils. The composition of coriander seeds also includes more than 20 different components — the main ones are: linalool (from 60 to 75%), geraniol (from 2.5 to 4.5%) and linalyl acetate (from 2 to 4.5%). Essential oil obtained from coriander seeds is most often used in perfumes and cosmetology, as well as for the aromatization of drugs and food products. Fat coriander oil is also used in the metallurgical industry and in soap making. Meal obtained from the processing of coriander is used as feed for the livestock sector.

Properties of coriander and its composition

Mature seeds of feed coriander contain a very small amount of alkaloids, high-quality starch, pectin, a significant amount of easily digestible protein (from 11 to 18% of the total percentage composition), organic acids and various tannins, a considerable amount of organic sugars (sucrose, glucose, fructose), as well as a large number of various substances that are beneficial for animals when eaten and subsequently absorbed. The meal obtained after industrial processing and processing of coriander seeds, which remains after distillation and subsequent processing of essential and fatty oils, is an excellent component of compound feeds for feeding and growing animals: cattle, pigs, rabbits and poultry. Adding coriander and meal from it allows the feed to be much better absorbed by all animals and poultry — accordingly, the total cost of feeding will decrease.

Wholesale coriander at producer prices

The group of companies ExportGrain, which has been selling feed for several years, is ready to fulfill your request for the supply of any volume of coriander to any country, including throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, within a short time and at an affordable price. You can purchase from us small or large wholesale any quantity of high-quality flax coriander or coriander cake, pre-processed and ready for use. The presence of a complete set of official accompanying documents will allow you to get the necessary raw materials on time and not worry about its delivery. There are a number of advantages when working with our company:

  • the opportunity to purchase any amount of plant material you need with various payment methods — cash, non-cash, post-pay;
  • fast delivery of your purchase throughout Russia and neighboring countries in a way convenient for you;
  • picking of a combined order of any complexity and any volume — we will deliver it promptly and at exactly the previously agreed time;
  • the optimal ratio of the quality of raw materials and prices for it;
  • we only cooperate with trusted suppliers and guarantee the quality of raw materials, in the manufacture of which all conditions defined by GOST and TU were clearly observed.

Leave a request on our official website or call the phone number indicated on it. Our managers will help in completing your purchase quickly and without problems with supporting documents.

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