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Black mustard wholesale

Black mustard is an annual plant widely used in the food industry and animal husbandry as a food additive in animal feed and poultry feed. As a forage crop, it is very much appreciated for its rapid growth, as well as the ability to grow a large volume of plant green mass even in short and cool germination times. Green organic matter, which goes to fertilizers and animal feed without problems, can be grown up to 400 kg per hundred square meters of land, and some experts consider it even more useful than the notorious manure as fertilizer.

Properties and features the use of black mustard

In nutrition, black mustard is very close to professionally prepared compound feeds. It is especially appreciated in the autumn period, as it contains a huge amount of proteins and vitamins necessary for animals in this period of time. The main disadvantage of mustard as a useful organic feed is that it does not contain many substances that are biologically active additives, as well as a low content of micro and macro elements. Also, with the growth of the plant and its maturity, the percentage of mustard oil and various glucosides, often toxic, increases — these substances can cause serious poisoning of animals and even lead to death. Therefore, it is recommended to use mustard as an additive to animal feed along with other plant components. On green feed and silage it is not recommended to use more than 20-30 kg per day per 1 cow in order to eliminate the negative impact of harmful components. After chopping the green mass, the feed should be used for 40-50 minutes, so that the taste remains at a high level, and the feed was completely eaten.

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The ExportGrain group of companies is engaged in wholesale purchases and sales of all types of plant materials for use in industrial feed production, including black mustard. We work with individuals and legal entities, we are engaged in small and large wholesale sales of both black mustard separately and this plant material as part of groupage cargoes of any degree of complexity. We deliver raw materials throughout Russia, Kazakhstan and to other countries by prior arrangement. Various payment methods are possible, including cash payment, all non-cash payment options, as well as post-payment. Just leave a request on our website or call the phone number indicated on it, and then we will agree on everything and supply you with excellent vegetable raw materials at a low price.

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