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Sunflower oil, known and regularly consumed by the overwhelming majority of people around the world, is a real source of useful trace elements, vitamins and components important for health. For its production, specially cultivated oil varieties of sunflower are used for this purpose. The composition of sunflower seeds of these varieties contains a large amount of fat, so when processing it turns out high quality oil and the desired consistency. Sunflower oil is used in a huge number of sectors of the national economy, including livestock as an important additive in the composition of animal feed, medicine, and cosmetology.

The most important properties of sunflower oil

If you look more closely at the composition of sunflower oil, you can understand that this is really the most important source of a huge amount of vitamins and useful for normal growth, development and formation of the body. In chemical terms, sunflower oil contains the following useful substances:

  • Group A vitamins — strengthening natural immunity, improving the quality and visual acuity;
  • Vitamin D — helps to quickly absorb calcium important for bones, significantly improves the quality of teeth and bone tissue;
  • Vitamin F improves the quality of the skin and skin, as well as the coat of animals that eat sunflower oil;
  • Vitamin E reduces the risk of developing diseases in terms of oncology, and also improves the elimination of toxins and carcinogens from the body;
  • OMEGA fatty acids 3,6 and 9 — the concentration in sunflower oil is even higher than in olive.

Adding sunflower oil to the diet of growing animals will significantly increase their immunity and resistance to various diseases.

Wholesale supply of sunflower oil at producer prices

For more than 10 years, ExportGrain Group of Companies has been cooperating directly with the largest farms that grow sunflower and produce high-quality sunflower oil. Thanks to constant cooperation with them, we are ready to give a 100% guarantee of high quality, the large or small wholesale of sunflower oil offered, which we are ready to deliver to you throughout the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and also (by prior arrangement) to other countries. The main advantages of your cooperation with our service will be the following points:

  • really the optimal ratio of product quality and price;
  • the possibility of quick picking of groupage cargoes of any complexity;
  • availability of a full package of supporting documentation, guaranteeing the absence of problems along the entire freight route;
  • high professionalism of managers — we guarantee support on the entire route;
  • convenient payment methods — cash, non-cash, prepayment and postpay.

Contact us at any time of the day on the site — we will help you choose the best delivery option and delivery time of the cargo, regardless of its complexity.

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