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High-quality and useful in animal husbandry, and in many other areas of the economy, rapeseed oil is obtained by direct extraction from the seeds of a cruciferous plant called rapeseed. The plant itself is a direct relative of cabbage, and rape has been known to mankind for more than 4000 years. The quality and level of seed treatment during the extraction of rapeseed oil provides for the possibility of obtaining 2 types of raw materials — refined oil or its unrefined version. Mandatory at all stages of production, the quality control of products necessarily analyzes the level of erucic acid in the oil, which in a high concentration is dangerous for both animals and humans. With an indicator of up to 5%, oil can be used to add to the composition of compound feeds to improve the quality of the mixture and increase the mass fraction of fats in it.

Composition and characteristics of rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is characterized by a high percentage of vegetable fats, as well as a reduced, but optimal in terms of quality composition, the presence of easily digestible fatty acids. In percentage, fatty acids are distributed as follows: 60-66% are unsaturated, 4.5-6% are saturated, polyunsaturated up to a third of the total volume. The diverse composition of fatty acids, useful microelements and important macroelements present in rapeseed oil has led to the widespread distribution of oil, which is sometimes even called «northern olive». It is the richest source of fat for any body.

Useful properties of rapeseed oil:

  • the risk of heart disease is reduced, blood flow and cholesterol metabolism are improved;
  • the likelihood of vascular blood clots decreases;
  • the metabolic rate increases and fat deposition decreases with all the ensuing circumstances;
  • tones up muscle tissue and reduces the likelihood of tumors;
  • improves skin elasticity and quality.

ExportGrain Group of Companies offers you to purchase rapeseed oil in large or small wholesale. Our direct cooperation with leading farms in the country allows us to be 100% sure that the delivered products will meet the most stringent quality standards. If necessary, our managers will prepare in advance the necessary supporting documents guaranteeing the free movement of goods throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and a number of neighboring states. How we differ from most competitors:

  • the possibility of supplying any amount of rapeseed oil in a way convenient for you, both as part of an individual delivery, or as part of a complex load;
  • convenient forms and methods of payment, including prepayment and postpayment for regular customers;
  • attentive and professional managers who are constantly in touch if necessary;
  • An adequate ratio of high quality plant materials and low prices.

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