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Flaxseed meal, which contains a large amount of healthy linseed oil, fats and trace elements, is often used as an additive in combined feed for animals and poultry. The content of a large amount of vegetable proteins in it allows you to significantly increase the productivity of domestic animals (quality, fat content and the amount of milk given), and also significantly improves the quality of the products of the livestock sector. The quality of flaxseed meal is due to the peculiarities of flax processing, during which the use of harmful substances and solvents is excluded. At the same time, a huge amount of useful substances and components remain in the meal, which allows you to be sure that mixing the meal with other components of the feed will give an excellent result with regular feeding.

Benefits of ExportGtain

ExportGrain company offers its services in the sale of any amount of flaxseed meal from trusted manufacturers growing flax in ecologically clean areas. At the same time, our company is ready to ensure the safe transportation of your purchase with all the necessary permits and accompanying documents for a short period of time.

There are a number of advantages that you will get by using the services of our group of companies when buying flaxseed meal:

  • excellent correlation of the quality of the goods offered and the prices for them — direct cooperation with manufacturers gives us the confidence that we are able to complete any order in the shortest possible time;
  • various purchase options — from small to large wholesale, which you can pay in cash, non-cash payment and even post-pay, and a flexible system of discounts for regular customers will allow you to use our services on an ongoing basis without problems;
  • using for loading and packaging modern European equipment that minimizes the time it takes to ship your order and deliver it to any region of the country or abroad.

Use our services — we are confident that we will quickly and efficiently fulfill your order for the supply of any quantity of flaxseed meal.

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