Green lentils

Green lentils wholesale

Green lentils are grown specifically for food and feed purposes. Lentils surpasses all other legumes in many respects — in calorie content, vegetable protein content, nutritional value in compound feeds and quick digestibility for an edible state. Lentils are extremely widely used as a forage crop for poultry, small and cattle. As feed, straw, lentil grains, chaff and waste obtained from grain processing are used. Grains, especially green and immature, become an excellent food for all animals, regardless of their breeds and age. The feed also uses straw and chaff, which, with timely cleaning, have a huge amount of nutrients, micro and macro elements. It is necessary to mow such hay at the beginning of flowering or the formation of legumes — it is then that the amount of micro and macro elements, as well as easily digestible substances in the feed, is maximum.

Green lentils at producer price

Our group of companies ExportGrain is engaged in the purchase and sale of green lentils from the largest farms throughout the Russian Federation. Our long-standing cooperation with them allows us to accurately guarantee the absence of harmful impurities and excessive fertilizer in the feed, which could be harmful if the feed is used regularly. Upon delivery in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan or other foreign countries, our managers will promptly and efficiently prepare the necessary package of documents for trouble-free movement of goods along the entire route.

Additional benefits of our service

  • Professionalism of our company employees, regardless of their position. This allows us to guarantee professional escort of goods at the stage from formation to delivery to the address you specify.
  • Possibility of acquiring fodder plant materials both individually and as part of groupage cargoes of any degree of complexity. Regardless of the complexity of the delivery, the cargo will be collected and delivered as quickly as possible and with all the accompanying documents.
  • The ability to purchase small and large wholesale, as well as your choice of a convenient payment method — cash, cashless or postpay upon delivery of goods.

Contact our managers on the site or by the phone number that is listed on our main page on the network. We will select the best option, quickly and inexpensively deliver your purchase to where you need it.

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