Wheat flour

Wholesale wheat flour

Export Grain offers to buy in bulk wheat flour that meets all standards and state standards. For more than seven years, our company has been working with the CIS market and abroad, during which time we have earned a reputation and gained regular customers, as well as built an extensive logistics network that allows us to quickly deliver goods of any volume.

Nowadays, any flour, whether wheat, oat, rice, rye or corn, is an indispensable product. Mainly because it is the basis of bread, as well as various bakery and confectionery products. And the main task of manufacturers is to choose the right product. Of course, at the present time in the market a large number of enterprises from which you can buy flour in bulk. But not only price is important, it is extremely important to purchase high-quality goods.

How to choose wheat flour

Like any other product, wheat flour has a number of characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing it. Three main indicators of grade and quality of flour can be distinguished: gluten, whiteness and ash. The lighter the better. Our wholesale wheat flour is excellent in excellent whiteness. In the proposed flour there is no yellowish tint, indicating the presence of organic pigments in it. When buying wheat flour from Export Grain, you can be sure to purchase a high-quality product.

Now about gluten. It is no less important, because in the process of kneading, it gives the test elasticity. And this ultimately significantly affects the structure and form of baking. Not enough gluten will make the dough sticky and sticky. We guarantee quality and are confident that the dough will be soft, elastic and airy.

Also note the ash content. The high content of small particles of bran is an indication of the low quality of the product. The flour purchased from us is a product from the leading manufacturers of Kazakhstan that meets the highest requirements.

Export Grain Benefits

If you are interested in wholesale wheat flour, just contact us at the company. Working with Export Grain is a host of benefits.

  • High quality products
  • The best prices for all goods
  • Collaboration without intermediaries
  • Regular and fast deliveries
  • Convenient payment system

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