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Many small and medium-sized enterprises focused on food production are wondering where it is most profitable to order rye flour in bulk. Export Grain Group offers your company to buy rye flour in bulk, which is of excellent quality and affordable price. We work without intermediaries, directly with leading manufacturers of Kazakhstan, due to which we can guarantee the quality of the goods. Work without intermediaries also helps us with deliveries of any volumes at an affordable price. A well-developed logistics network of the company allows delivering delivery within the CIS and abroad as soon as possible.

Speed and level of service is our main goal.

Working with us is not only profitable, but also very convenient. You do not have to adapt to a certain schedule of supplies of raw materials, because of the disruption of which your work can stand idle. Because during our work we have established close partnerships with many manufacturers, and now the goods are always in stock. Shipment and delivery of goods is carried out constantly.

Why is rye flour profitable for your company?

The issue of healthy and proper nutrition is becoming more and more urgent every day. It is for this purpose that people increasingly prefer to choose bakery products made from rye flour and other durum wheat and grain. Compared with the same wheat flour, ground rye grains are much more beneficial for the human body.

Rye flour contains proteins and vitamins that help strengthen the immune system and intestines, as well as substances that reduce the level of salts in the body and remove toxins.

When ordering wholesale rye flour at Export Grain, you can count on products that meet all the norms and quality standards, all products have certificates confirming this. The color of the flour has a slightly dark shade, and the baking made from it will retain its qualities longer than any other confectionery product.

We are ready to work with large and small wholesalers

If your store, bakery, bakery or restaurant does not need large deliveries of rye flour in bulk, you can make a small order, by phone you can agree and find out about the conditions. We always meet regular customers. You can get any additional information regarding the sale of flour in bulk from our managers.

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