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Oatmeal, often used in the industrial production of animal feed, has a huge number of useful qualities and properties. Now the industry produces several main types of oatmeal used in animal husbandry:

  • oat oatmeal — one of the traditional products obtained from the processing of oats, it is oatmeal obtained after processing sprouted oat grains;
  • classic flour, the manufacture of which uses a soft core of grain;
  • whole grain oatmeal, in the manufacture of processed whole grain, including its shell.

The use of oatmeal in animal feed

It is important to understand that despite the difference in the final raw materials received, there is practically no actual difference in the production process. The grain is carefully steamed during processing — this heat treatment allows you to partially reduce the starch content. During processing, various pathogenic microorganisms also die, and the flour itself is well absorbed by eating.
Oatmeal is an indispensable source of amino acids necessary for the cyclical normal growth and development of an animal at any age. They include the most important tyrosine (the precursor of dopamine and norepinephrine) and choline, which improves the quality and speed of metabolism in the tissues and organs of the animal. In terms of energy value, oatmeal contains a higher amount of fat compared to wheat, as well as a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, gluten and vegetable protein. 100 g of oatmeal contains 369 kcal. Also among the useful elements in the composition of high-quality oatmeal are:

  • folic acid, as well as B vitamins, regulating and controlling metabolism;
  • iron, which is extremely important for the hematopoietic process;
  • zinc, which provides anti-inflammatory functions of the body;
  • magnesium, the main function of which is the performance of antispasmodic functions in the body;
  • silicon, which is practically absent in other plant raw materials — it is involved in almost all metabolic processes of the body, including preventing premature aging.

Wholesale supply of oatmeal from the manufacturer

ExportGrain Group of Companies offers high-quality vegetable raw materials directly from the largest manufacturers, long-term cooperation with which allows us to be 100% confident in the quality of the products we supply for the needs of industrial livestock production. We are ready to sell small or large wholesale oatmeal both as part of an individual supply, and as a combined cargo that is ready to be delivered with a full package of accompanying documentation throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other countries. Our competitive advantages:

  • the optimal ratio of the quality of supplied plant materials and prices due to direct cooperation with the largest farms;
  • Convenient payment options for the supplied raw materials — in cash, bank transfer, as well as other options by prior arrangement;
  • the presence of accompanying documents for the cargo — there will be no problems with it along the entire route;
  • personal manager attentive to all the details of cooperation.

We are waiting for you on our official website — there you can leave a request or call our on-call administrator who will help you to navigate in everything regarding the order of plant materials and its subsequent delivery.

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