Flax flour

Flaxseed flour wholesale

Flaxseed flour is one of the best additives for creating complex high-quality compound feeds of a balanced composition for feeding young animals and maintaining the excellent condition of already adult individuals. Proteins contained in flax flour have an excellent amino acid composition and are easily absorbed by the animal. Flax flour also contains a large amount of dietary fiber dietary fiber (from 27 to 35% of the total volume) — the flour contains cellulose, lintin and lingins, which are involved in the processes of food absorption at different stages. Phytoestrogens, which are part of high-quality flaxseed flour, directly affect the processes of sexual reproduction in all animal species.

What is the secret of flax seeds

An important point is the fact that among all other plant components, it is the flax seeds from which flour is made that are the undoubted leader in the content of substances such as lignans. In quality terms, flax lignans are also significantly superior to all other species.

Lignans are natural hormonal compounds, the study of which in recent years has revealed estrogenic properties that develop and protect the animal’s circulatory and reproductive systems. They intensively increase the growth of the animal and reduce the likelihood of diseases characteristic of different types of diseases. Flax flour also contains a large amount of B vitamins, biotin, folic and pantothenic acids. Only 100 g of flour will help the animal get up to half of the necessary for the normal growth and development of trace elements and nutrients. And fats, whose content in flaxseed flour is still high, have all the same properties as extremely useful linseed oil. In general, we can conclude that flaxseed flour is an excellent option for adding to the composition of compound feeds for feeding all types of animals in industrial animal husbandry.

Buy flax flour in bulk from the manufacturer

ExportGrain Group of Companies offers you to purchase small or large wholesale any quantity of high-quality flax flour purchased by us from leading manufacturers throughout the country. Our managers, after receiving a request from you on the site or by calling the telephone number indicated on our page on the network, will help in arranging the cargo and delivering it to you in a convenient way. If necessary, we will help to collect and assemble a groupage cargo of any complexity, regardless of its content. We offer convenient payment options, among which there is definitely an option suitable for you, as well as the possibility of urgent delivery in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and any other countries. A package of accompanying documentation is compiled for the cargo, which guarantees the safety of the cargo and the absence of problems with regulatory authorities.

Use our services — we are confident that we can establish high-quality and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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