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The effectiveness of livestock production is very dependent on the initial cost of doing business. The most serious expense item at all stages of your business in this direction will be the purchase and preparation of feed components for the correct and normal growth of animals or birds. An excellent option in this regard, according to the combination of the natural balance of nutrients, trace elements, vitamins on the one hand and the price of raw materials on the other, is cornmeal.

Corn flour contains a large number of various nutrients, vitamins and fiber, which is important for the normal development and growth of animals or poultry. Grain is processed at 100%, which allows you to fully save all the benefits of corn, translating it into an easily digestible form. The composition of easily digestible carbohydrates in corn includes up to 15% of their total sugar, as well as up to 55-60% of starch. At the same time, starch has a large number of differences from starch contained in cereals. Corn starch is much more slowly fermented in an animal rumen, having at the same time an excellent digestibility index. Digestibility of corn flour is significantly increased relative to flour obtained from grain crops, so it is absorbed by the body much better, bringing the animal all the trace elements and important nutrients it contains. The processing of whole grains into flour increases the nutritional value of raw materials, as well as the digestibility of proteins and carbohydrates.

The best price for bulk corn flour

The group of companies ExportGrain, which has been selling feed for several years, is ready to fulfill your request for the supply of any amount of cornmeal to any country, including throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, within a short time and at an affordable price. You can purchase from us small or large wholesale any amount of raw material that has been previously processed and ready for use. Having a complete set of official accompanying documents will allow you to get corn flour on time and not worry about its delivery. There are a number of advantages when working with our company:

  • the opportunity to purchase any amount of plant material you need with various payment methods — cash, non-cash, post-pay;
  • fast delivery of your purchase throughout Russia and neighboring countries in a way convenient for you;
  • picking of a combined order of any complexity and any volume — we will deliver it promptly and at exactly the previously agreed time;
  • the optimal ratio of the quality of raw materials and prices for it.

Leave a request on our official website or call the phone number indicated on it. We will contact you and discuss everything you need when concluding a supply contract.

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