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Buckwheat flour wholesale

Most Russian veterinarians and specialists in the field of industrial livestock breeding claim that the use of buckwheat, including in the form of buckwheat flour, is an excellent option for use as an additive to animal feed for raising cattle, poultry, and other animal species. For the production of buckwheat flour, various types of appropriate raw materials are used — both green cereal and brown fried.

The benefits of buckwheat flour and agricultural applications

The benefits of buckwheat flour are the significant value of this plant material. It consists of:

  • a large number of easily digestible vegetable protein, which acts as a building material for rapid weight gain and growth of the animal;
  • minerals and trace elements — calcium, sodium, sulfur, iodine, copper and other substances, each of which has its own role in the full development of the animal;
  • B, E and PP vitamins.

Buckwheat flour, which is used as a feed additive in a variety of compound feeds for industrial animal husbandry, is an excellent source of plant amino acids, fiber, and minerals indispensable for the animal’s diet. Regular use of buckwheat flour in the feed will allow:

  • Normalize and improve the processes of metabolism and metabolism.
  • Strengthen and improve the functioning of the immune system.
  • Improve the processes of blood formation and the work of the heart, as well as the vascular system.
  • Strengthen the teeth, fangs and bones of the animal.

Buy buckwheat flour in bulk from the manufacturer

The ExportGrain group of companies offers you for the purchase of small or large wholesale any quantity of high-quality and inexpensive buckwheat flour directly from the largest manufacturers. Our direct cooperation with large farms and individuals growing buckwheat and producing buckwheat flour allows us to be sure that the quality of the products we supply fully meets all the standards established for it. We offer several positive differences between the services we provide and our competitors:

  • you can purchase raw materials from us in any quantity — from a ton or more, and a convenient logistics system that assumes the delivery of groupage cargo throughout the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other countries will allow us to fulfill your request as quickly as possible;
  • convenient payment options, among which there will definitely be one suitable for you — in cash or bank transfer of all types and forms, and for regular customers we are considering the possibility of prepayment or postpayment;
  • our managers will prepare a complete and correct package of accompanying documentation, which will ensure that there are no problems along the entire cargo route to your address;
  • excellent price level.

Just contact the duty manager on the site — leave a request in the feedback form or call the phone number indicated on the page. Our employee will advise you on all issues related to the acquisition, payment and delivery of any quantity of high-quality buckwheat flour.

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