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Few people know about the properties of spelled, which is often used in animal husbandry and as feed for cattle and poultry. In fact, spelled is one of the most ancient types of wheat known to mankind. The main difference in the processing of ordinary wheat and spelled is that the latter is not completely cleaned, but with flowering and hairy scales characteristic of cereals, so grinding into spelled flour is quite difficult. That is why in the end they almost stopped using spelled for making flour — as a result, it was replaced by bare-grain varieties, which are much easier to process and grind.

In this case, spelled is not one of the types of processing of wheat familiar to us, it is a completely independent variety of it, and, more precisely, it is, rather, the progenitor of all modern wheat varieties. It was on the basis of spelled that the species and varieties of wheat that are now relevant were bred for a long time. Formally, a spelled is a plant similar to modern wheat, but at the same time having brittle spikelets and grain covered with a vegetable film. The spelled consumed by animals for food contains a huge amount of vegetable proteins, easily digestible proteins, fats and lipids, vitamins, as well as micro and macro elements that are vital for both young animals and mature individuals.

Spelled small and large wholesale at producer prices

ExportGrain Group of Companies offers wholesale purchase or sale of any quantity of spelled (from small wholesale to industrial volumes), as well as quick and inexpensive delivery of your purchase throughout Russia, Kazakhstan and (by prior arrangement with our managers) abroad. We offer the optimal price level, as we directly cooperate with the largest farms that grow spelled around the world. If necessary, we will collect groupage cargo from several items of our products and deliver it with the necessary supporting documents. Contact us on the site — we will help you do everything as you need.

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