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ExportGrain is a group company engaged in the export and transportation of crops and other by-products. Here you can buy rice large and small wholesale at the price of a producer with delivery in the CIS and abroad. We always have the best price in the market and excellent product quality.

Terms of cooperation with us

  • Fast delivery and work with any volume of goods
  • Convenient payment system: cash and bank transfer, postpay
  • Best market price
  • First-class quality of all supplied products
  • The manager is ready to answer any of your questions.

Rice prevalence and use

Rice is a staple for more than half the world’s population. It is grown in 118 countries, where a large area is allocated in Southeast Asia and the Far East. In Asia, rice is part of culture, a symbol of fertility.

The origin of rice

Rice comes from northern Vietnam and Thailand. In the first millennium, it began to be in great demand among the population of the Middle East. Unlike Asian peoples, Europeans did not immediately accept rice. The Greeks and Romans treated him as a medicine. In the thirteenth century, a plague swept across Europe, turning these lands into deserts. To cultivate wheat was neither strength nor means. It was then that rice came in handy, nutritious and not whimsical.

In Russia, the main varieties of rice belong to the round-grain, as well as the long-grain variety bred by breeders. Rice is mainly used for making cereals. There is polished rice, polished rice, red, brown, fragrant rice, steamed rice, black, dessert and crushed rice.

Product Features and Properties

Polished rice contains 8.8% protein, a valuable fraction is albumin and globulin. 100 g of rice contains only 8.75 grams of amino acids. Another feature of rice cereal is the absence of gluten, toxic to patients with celiac disease. Rice milk porridge is the main in baby food.

Why Export Grain

Cooperating with us, you get many favorable conditions. Thanks to many years of work, we have created a developed logistics network that allows us to deliver goods of any volume in the shortest possible time. In addition, cooperation with manufacturers directly allows you to control the quality of the products supplied, everything has certificates and complies with GOSTs.

Professionals work with you

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