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Want to buy corn grits in bulk from the manufacturer? Contact us at ExportGrain. ExportGrain is a trading and transport company engaged in the international export of crops. For seven years of work in the market, we have built logistics that allows us to deliver the highest quality products to our customers in a short time.

The use of corn grits

Corn grits are made from corn kernels by crushing and further grinding. Croup can vary in degree of grinding, there are 5 in total: three types have an increasing degree of grinding, one fine, and another, crushed.

Corn grits ideally preserve the sunny yellow color of corn, do not contain extraneous inclusions, and have a slightly noticeable nutty flavor. Store corn grits in glass or ceramic containers with a ground lid, at room temperature and average humidity for no longer than 20 months from the date of production.

Useful properties of cereals

Corn grits contain vegetable dietary fiber, which stimulate intestinal motility, vitamins A, group B (especially B1, B2), C, E, K, PP, all the main antioxidants that accelerate brain function, increase blood hemoglobin level and assist in transmission nerve impulses. Silicon is also rarely found in food grains, which is responsible for the strength of tooth enamel. The product does not contain gluten, so corn grits are included in the diet of people with allergies to wheat gluten. Corn grits is a weak allergen, it can be used in the nutrition of children after a year. People who regularly eat corn grits are less likely to have symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease than others. Per 100g of the product, 337 kcal. Proteins — 8.3g, fat — 1.2g, carbohydrates — 75g.

Benefits of working with ExportGrain

Thanks to partnership with leading manufacturers, we can control the quality of products, and are sure that the goods always comply with GOSTs and standards. We are ready to cooperate with small and large wholesalers, and to complete prefabricated deliveries.

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