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The history of buckwheat and a role in human life

Buckwheat, buckwheat groats (Fagopyrum, «nut-shaped beech-like»). Buckwheat is considered the homeland of North India, where it was cultivated as early as 5 thousand years ago. Buckwheat was also found in Chinese culture, Japanese, Korean. In the 4th-5th centuries, this groats came to Europe, where it was called «Tatar plant» or «Tartar plant», «Arab grain», «pagan grain». Buckwheat came to Russia from Byzantium, and our ancestors named it in honor of the Greeks.

Buckwheat benefits

Several types of cereals are made from buckwheat seeds at once, such as kernel (whole grain), minced (split grain), Smolensk groats (crushed grain) and buckwheat flour. Buckwheat is cooked with cereals, soups, puddings, casseroles, pie fillings. Buckwheat flour is not suitable for bread, due to the lack of gluten, but is well suited for making fritters, pancakes, tortillas, noodles. Buckwheat seed husk is suitable for stuffing pillows, and is also a good honey plant.

However, in some Asian countries, such as Tibet, it is more used as a medicinal plant. From the flowers and upper leaves, medicines are made for cough, colds, varicose veins, arthritis. Buckwheat flour is used for skin diseases and tumors. Buckwheat porridge is good for the liver, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Yes, in principle, any buckwheat dish stimulates hematopoietic, motor activity, and prevents the absorption of radioactive isotopes. Buckwheat is useful for diabetics and baby food.

Buckwheat is rich in macro and micronutrients such as iron, calcium, iodine, zinc, fluorine, phosphorus, cobalt, molybdenum. Vitamins PP, E, B1, B2, B12 are also present. Buckwheat is rich in lecithin, proteins, acids and oils. The carbohydrates that are in it are absorbed slowly, the nutritional value is 12.6 g of protein, 3.3 g of fat, 57 g of carbohydrates.

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For many years we have been cooperating with all major manufacturers and exporting goods to more than thirty countries. Regular customers receive additionally more favorable conditions.

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