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More about barley groats

Many people confuse cell and pearl barley, but they still have differences. Barley groats are crushed barley kernels freed from flower films. The advantage of barley grits is that, unlike pearl barley, it is not polished, therefore, it has more fiber. Barley grits are whole barley grains, peeled and polished.

Value and properties of barley groats

In ancient times, barley grains were used to determine length and weight. By weight, five pure grains is an Arabic carat (0.2232 g), and three in length is an English inch (2.54 cm). From barley pearl barley distinguishes a more delicate taste and the fact that the cell has more fiber. In general, barley groats have long been known as one of the most useful. And I must say, deservedly. It, as, however, and in most cereals, contains a huge amount of B vitamins, as well as vitamins A, D, E, potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, silicon, chromium and many other useful elements . In addition, barley grains are an excellent source of protein (almost 10 g per 100 g of raw cereal), which is superior to wheat proteins in its biological value. In addition, at least 5% of the total composition of barley porridge is fiber. Well, do not forget about the healthy fats and carbohydrates contained in porridge. A portion of the finished porridge is an excellent source of energy: 100 g of raw product contains more than 300 kcal, but 100 g of porridge prepared without butter and milk is only 75 kcal. The composition contains an antibacterial natural substance — hordecin, which effectively eliminates fungal infections, for this it is necessary to prepare a special decoction by soaking the cereal in water, and then use the resulting infusion.

Barley groats are widely used to this day due to its set of useful qualities. What makes the product extremely popular among manufacturers. Thanks to cooperation directly with manufacturers, we can control the quality, volume and speed of delivery, ExportGrain has earned a reputation as a reliable supplier.

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In addition to excellent quality and fast delivery, our customers also receive excellent service, convenient forms of payment, including cash and bank transfer, and post-payment, as well as a personal manager who is ready to answer any questions. We are confident that working with professionals from ExportGrain will satisfy the needs of any client.

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