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Yellow millet wholesale

Yellow millet, known to all of us under the name millet, is a cereal plant that is very useful for poultry and animal husbandry. Its small round seeds of a pronounced yellow color in their shape resemble small beads. Millet is very cheap and is often used as feed for poultry and cattle.

The role and benefits of yellow millet

Millet is a grassy annual plant, and its seeds have a characteristic slightly sweet taste. According to professional manufacturers of combined feeds for animal husbandry, millet is one of the most hypoallergenic plant components of any feed, and its usefulness is due to the presence in the cereal of a huge amount of vitamins (primarily Group B), natural antioxidants and trace elements that ensure fast and high-quality growth of animals and birds without harm to their health.

The composition of yellow millet includes a large amount of natural fiber and easily digestible protein, and millet is very easily and almost completely digested by the gastrointestinal tract of animals. It also lacks gluten, and grains must be cleaned before serving, since the husk is very strong and hard to digest. Often in the general composition of the compound feed simply “millet” is indicated, but in 90% of cases millet will be there, which is the main source of vegetable protein, useful for any animal, regardless of its type and age.

Yellow millet at producer prices

The ExportGrain group of companies is engaged in wholesale purchases and sales of plant materials for livestock needs at large farms that do not use harmful fertilizers when growing. At your request, we will ensure the delivery of large or small wholesale of yellow millet throughout the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other foreign countries with the necessary supporting documents. An excellent ratio of the quality of the supplied products and the price for them, as well as the availability of various payment methods convenient for you — in cash, bank transfer or post-payment, will allow you to make a choice in our favor and not be mistaken.

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