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Red millet is extremely important in animal husbandry for input into the composition of animal feed in order to increase their usefulness and calorie content. Red millet is grown to obtain high-calorie and healthy green mass almost everywhere, especially in the Volga region and the central Chernozem region. As feed, not only tops are used, but also the waste obtained after processing millet into a grain mass.

Red millet role and benefit

To obtain raw materials for use as a plant fodder, millet is sown together with other plant crops, such as soybean, fodder corn, melilot, or peas. The plant mows 40-50 days after the appearance of the first seedlings before the flowering period begins. The maximum useful qualities in the form of green forage are millet straw, which has a greenish color, since when mowing the moisture of the stems is from 70 to 80%, which is optimal for long-term storage and allows you to save all the beneficial properties of the plant and the substances and microelements contained in it that are needed for the animal . Often, green hay is harvested from healthy hay, which has excellent digestibility and nutrition. The use of red millet grain as a feed additive for poultry can significantly increase the productivity of egg-bearing breeds, increase the quality of products, and significantly improve the quality of eggshells. An important distinguishing feature of red millet is its unpretentiousness when growing and excellent resistance to various diseases characteristic of plants.

Red millet wholesale from the manufacturer

ExportGrain Group of Companies provides the opportunity to purchase small and large wholesale high-quality and ready for long-term storage of feed raw materials from red millet. Delivery is carried out throughout the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and by prior arrangement and abroad in a way convenient for you. We directly cooperate with the largest farms that grow red millet, therefore we are ready to guarantee any supply for the period agreed upon with you. We will help you choose a payment option that is convenient for you — in cash, bank transfer or postpay if you have an agreement with us for permanent service.

Leave your request on our website or call the duty manager. We will agree on the volume of raw materials, discuss the delivery time and prepare all the necessary permits to guarantee that there are no problems at all stages of cargo escort. We will provide high quality raw materials and excellent prices.

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