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The development of various branches of livestock breeding involves a significant increase in the cost of raising cattle and poultry, and the maximum amount of funds from all cost items, of course, goes to feed. According to statistics, it turns out that almost half of the costs are funds spent specifically on feed. Feed wheat is consumed specifically for livestock feed and cannot be used for any other needs.

Feed wheat in livestock and agriculture

Feed wheat is not of the highest quality grain, which is obtained after selection of high-quality grain used in various branches of the food industry. She couldn’t get into the food of people and for processing to flour because of not the highest quality, as well as the content in it of substances unsuitable for humans. Therefore, feed wheat is used as food by farm animals and poultry. Feed wheat can be obtained from any kind of grain. The main sign of feed grain is a reduced amount of fiber and vegetable protein, as well as a significantly increased proportion of carbohydrates.

In total there are 6 categories into which wheat is divided. Grain of 5 or 6 category belongs to feed wheat. Such wheat is used only as a part of its nutrition or as a part of combined feeds for feeding cattle, as well as small animals — sheep, rabbits, goats and poultry — geese, chickens, turkey and all others. As for the norms for the content of various substances presented to feed wheat — maximum grain moisture — up to 12%, the amount of various impurities of another grain — 10-15%, the mandatory presence of vitamins B and D, as well as a high percentage of vegetable proteins — from 10 to 17% of the total volume. Since feed wheat contains a large amount of hard-to-digest cellulose, its hard varieties are most often used as feed for horses and cows, and the rest for other animals and poultry.

Do not abuse animal feed only wheat, it is best to use it as part of mixed feeds. The fact is that in its pure form, without the use of additives of other plant materials, feed wheat can lead to obesity in animals, since it contains a lot of carbohydrates, but at the same time low protein and fiber. Therefore, it is best to mix feed wheat with corn, vegetables, millet, fresh hay or other types of vegetable feed.

To wholesale feed wheat from the producer

ExportGrain Group of Companies is engaged in small and large wholesale sales, and the purchase of feed wheat from the largest farms for the further sale of any quantity at your request. Delivery at the same time is carried out in a way convenient for you in all regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. You can pay for the received raw materials in any way convenient for you — in cash, non-cash, as well as advance or postpay.

After you leave a request in a convenient form on the website or call our duty manager at the phone number listed on the main page of the service, they will help you determine the amount of feed wheat you need, if necessary, include it in the bulk cargo, and also prepare the necessary documents for escort of cargo and its possible checks. We are sure that we will be able to quickly and efficiently deliver any volume of feed wheat to your address, we guarantee a low price and high quality of raw materials subject to all storage rules.

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