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Buckwheat is a cereal product that is extremely widespread in Russia and a number of other countries, eaten both by humans and animals as a useful and nutritious feed. The composition is rich in easily digestible proteins, various micro and macro elements, as well as amino acids useful for the growth and development of the body, therefore, buckwheat and waste obtained during its production are very actively used in animal husbandry as a very useful additive in the composition of combined useful animal feeds.

Species, Benefits and Prevalence

There are two main types of buckwheat that are grown in our country. It is important to know that buckwheat is one of the few types of cereal crops that have never been genetically modified. There is ordinary buckwheat, the seeds of which are used to prepare the familiar buckwheat groats for all of us, but all the waste obtained from its production is used as feed and feed additives for animals and poultry. There is also buckwheat, commonly called “Tatar”, it is not grown on an industrial scale, but it often grows in fields and gardens in the form of weed grass. In gardens and cottages, they are used as class fertilizer.

There are two types of buckwheat: brown, which has undergone a quality steaming procedure, due to which the shelf life of the product increases significantly and its organoleptic properties improve. Green buckwheat is not steamed, but it is perfectly dried for further human or animal consumption. Green sin contains more micro and macro elements, so it is often used as part of various diets.

Wholesale Buckwheat

ExportGrain Company provides fast and high-quality delivery of any quantity of high-quality buckwheat, collected and processed in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant quality standards. The high quality of the products we offer and the optimal price level for it have become possible due to our direct cooperation with the largest farms in the country, which organize direct deliveries for us on order. If necessary, we will deliver buckwheat as part of a consignment consisting only of this plant material, or of a groupage cargo with all the necessary supporting documents to guarantee that there are no delays in delivery and problems with regulatory authorities.

Just leave a request on the website or call our manager. We offer fast delivery, small or large wholesale, as well as the ability to pay in cash, cashless or postpay in case of constant cooperation.

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