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Flax itself is a dietary natural product, which contains a large number of various fatty acids, vitamins of various groups, micro and macro elements, as well as antioxidants. A kilogram of such industrial flaxseed meal contains almost 3000 Kcal, it contains almost 300 g of easily digestible protein. Flax is rich in various natural amino acids, has an extremely high biological value.

Squeezing from flaxseed has a huge number of essential micro and macro elements, including potassium, sodium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus and fluorine. Oilcake contains folic and ascorbic acids, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and tocophenols in its composition.

Properties and application of flaxseed meal

The substances contained in flaxseed meal are quickly and easily absorbed by the animal’s body, increase the quality, fat content and amount of milk in milk yield. As one of the components of feed, they are introduced into the daily diet of cattle and small cattle (15-20% of the total volume), pigs (5-8%), poultry of any breeds (8-11%, while broilers are not recommended to be introduced into flax nutrition according to GOST requirements). It is important that the flax meal is well steamed before being added to the feed, as it contains hydrocyanic acid, which in large quantities can be harmful to health. According to the content of nutritive energy for animals, flaxseed cake overtakes grains of other crops, including oilseeds, grains and legumes. The uniqueness of the biological composition of flax is ensured by high energy value and a huge amount of nutrients. The amino acid composition of flaxseed cake is very similar to egg white, and the protein composition is very similar to soy. That is why flax is rightfully included in the list of the most useful feed additives and can be used for animal feed for any category of poultry or animals.

Export of flaxseed meal in any volume

Our group of companies ExportGrain is ready for a short time and at an affordable price to fulfill your request for the supply of any volume of flaxseed cake across all regions of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other countries. You can purchase from us small or large wholesale any quantity of high-quality flaxseed meal, pre-processed and ready for use. The presence of a complete set of official accompanying documents will allow you to get the necessary raw materials on time and not worry about its delivery. There are a number of advantages when working with our company:

  • the ability to purchase any quantity of raw materials you need with various payment methods — cash, non-cash, post-pay;
  • fast delivery of your purchase throughout Russia and neighboring countries in a way convenient for you;
  • picking of a combined order of any complexity and any volume — we will deliver it promptly and at exactly the previously agreed time;
  • the optimal ratio of the quality of raw materials and prices for it;
  • we only cooperate with trusted suppliers and guarantee the quality of raw materials, in the manufacture of which all conditions defined by GOST and TU were clearly observed.

Leave a request on the site or call the phone number indicated on it. Our managers will help in the design of your turnkey purchase quickly and within a short time.

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